Civil War Rebel Infantry Soldier Minifigure with Light Hair


Step into history and command your own battalion with our custom Civil War LEGO minifigure series – let your imagination rewrite the epic battles of the past!

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Immerse yourself in the history of the American Civil War with our meticulously crafted Rebel Infantry Soldier minifigure from Series 2. This highly detailed figure showcases authentic period attire, complete with a custom cloth jacket bottom, capturing the essence of the era. Armed with a BrickArms caplock musket and BrickForge bayonet, this minifigure is ready to engage in epic battles and bring the historical significance of the Civil War to life in your LEGO collection.

What's Included

  • Custom torso printed on real LEGO parts
  • Official LEGO legs with dual-molded boots
  • Custom cloth coattails
  • Custom arm cuffs
  • Official LEGO head
  • Official LEGO kepi hat
  • Modified official LEGO hairpiece element that fits under hat
  • BrickArms caplock musket with BrickForge bayonet
  • Official LEGO satchel bag

Exclusive: Purchase also includes a free downloadable Bricklink Studio torso part file for the figure so you can use this custom design in your digital LEGO builds!