Civil War Union Northern Lady Minifigure


Step into history and command your own battalion with our custom Civil War LEGO minifigure series – let your imagination rewrite the epic battles of the past!

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Step back in time with our exquisite Civil War Northern Lady minifigure from Series 2 American Civil War. Dressed in a detailed period gown and accessorized with a folded parasol, she embodies the elegance of 19th-century fashion. Topped with a fancy hat, this minifigure captures the refined style of Northern ladies during the Civil War era, making it a must-have for history enthusiasts and collectors alike.

What's Included

  • Modified official LEGO torso with corset
  • Official LEGO dress piece
  • Modified double-sided official LEGO head
  • Official LEGO umbrella accessory
  • Official LEGO period hat that attaches to hair
  • Official LEGO hair element

Exclusive: Purchase also includes a free downloadable Bricklink Studio torso part file for the figure so you can use this custom design in your digital LEGO builds!