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Revolutionary War British Redcoat Officer with Blue Sash Body


Step back in time to the era of muskets and powdered wigs with our custom Revolutionary War minifigure series!

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Step back in time to the turbulent days of the American Revolution with our custom LEGO minifigure: the quintessential British officer of yesteryear. With meticulous attention to historical detail, this minifigure embodies the elegance and authority of the British military elite. Clad in a resplendent scarlet coat, this figure exudes power and sophistication. Whether leading troops into battle or commanding with unwavering resolve, this LEGO minifigure captures the essence of an era that forever shaped the course of history.

What's Included

  • Custom torso printed on real LEGO parts
  • Custom decorative arm cuffs
  • Modified official LEGO legs with button and boot pattern (if legs chosen)
  • Custom cloth coattails (if legs chosen)

Exclusive: Purchase also includes a free downloadable Bricklink Studio torso part file for the figure so you can use this custom design in your digital LEGO builds!

360° Video

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