Revolutionary War Naturalist Violinist Minifigure


Step back in time to the era of muskets and powdered wigs with our custom Revolutionary War minifigure series!

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Step back in time to the American Revolution with this meticulously crafted LEGO minifigure of a Colonial-era naturalist and violinist! With free-flowing hair atop his head, wrinkles etched into his face, and a violin tucked under his arm, this minifigure exudes authenticity and charm. Dressed in period-accurate attire, from his breeches to his waistcoat, he’s ready to explore the wilderness or serenade fellow patriots. Whether he’s cataloging flora and fauna or entertaining troops with his melodious tunes, this minifigure brings the spirit of the 18th century to life in vivid detail.

What's Included

  • Modified official LEGO torso
  • Modified official LEGO legs with button and boot pattern
  • Official LEGO hair element
  • Modified official LEGO head
  • Official LEGO satchel bag
  • Official LEGO violin and bow accessories

Exclusive: Purchase also includes a free downloadable Bricklink Studio torso part file for the figure so you can use this custom design in your digital LEGO builds!

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